Our Staffing Solutions

With Star One Staffing, you will have exposure to a virtually unlimited pool of experienced personnel with diverse backgrounds. This eliminates the need for you to use your valuable time and resources on screening, hiring (and terminating) employees; this becomes our responsibility. With Star One Staffing providing you with staffing assistance, you can concentrate your energy on operating and growing your business:


Lets you evaluate an employee in your work environment on a temporary basis with the option of permanently hiring the individual after a set period of time.

Temporary Staffing

Allows you to convert your fixed costs into variable costs by using employees only when needed.

Permanent Placement

Allows you to interview pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates and immediately hire an individual on a permanent basis.

Leased Staff

Also called outsourcing gives you the option of transferring all of your hiring, payroll, and benefit administration to Star One Staffing.