For over twenty-two years, we've been providing short and long-term labor solutions for the greater Green Bay area. Founded in 1988, we match qualified employees with light-industrial, heavy industrial, clerical and semi-skilled positions. While most of these positions are temporary to permanent, we do offer "just in time" labor solutions for customers that need unskilled assistance and have frequent fluctuations in product, demand, or timelines.

Our business hours are designed to meet your labor needs. We understand the challenges that businesses face in consistently recruiting and retaining employees for light-industrial positions; a shortage of one or two employees can mean a significant loss in time and production. We understand this need and open our doors at 6am each day so qualified employees can quickly be dispatched to your location. Our phone is answered each day of the week from 6am to 11pm, so shift coverage is never an issue.

As a local business and one familiar with serving northeast Wisconsin businesses, we pride ourselves on understanding the complexities of businesses in this area. Familiarity with the services, practices, people and culture and a proven track record of delivering high quality labor solutions, makes us the Right Fit. Right Now. for the greater Green Bay area.